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Welcome to the Ohio Patient Network

Help Wanted: OPN Board Members

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With the efforts of some fine individuals and groups there is a real possibility of medical marijuana finally getting a shot at being on the 2012 ballot. Now OPN and OPAN (the two oldest and well known medical marijuana groups) finds itself undermanned at this critical time. We are looking for individuals, who want to make a difference for Ohio patients and would like to become a member of our enlarged board. Please use the email in our banner on top of this web page to contact us and express your interest in helping medical marijuana become a reality.


Ohio Medical Marijuana Ballot Ready to Sign and Circulate

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The medical marijuana ballot petition for Ohio patients has been approved by Board of Election, Secretary of State, and the Ohio Attorney General. The Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment petition is ready for you to help circulate and get it signed!

Now let’s make Ohio Medical Marijuana a reality! We will need thousand's of signatures so we can put it on the ballot. if you want to get involved as a petitioner please download and print the instruction PDF file then, the official petition at the end of the paragraph, and be sure to email us using the contact link. Be sure to read the first page carefully, then print as many copies as you can afford and go get signatures. You will find it is a rewarding experience. Here is the link to the official petition with an instruction page.

You may want to get several clipboards to make your signature gathering quicker, especially in a crowd. Miami Valley NORML provided some helpful hints for a clipboard to making it easier and faster to collect signatures. You can get the image so you can make your own sign for your clipboard with this link to the image.

Be sure to look over and become familiar with the official instructions (5MB file) that were provided by the Secretary of State. This explains how signatures are verified. The important parts are highlighted in yellow, and again it is a big file (5MB). Be patient if you have a slow connection. A smaller legible copy (1.3MB) is also available in this link.

Please send the ballot committee an email using the Contact MMJBALLOT link so Ohio Patients can help assist and coordinate efforts. You may also keep up to date with the Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment by joining the Facebook page.


Governors Call on DEA to Reclassify Marijuana for Medical Use

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Two medical marijuana state governors, Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire, on Wednesday called on the federal government to reschedule marijuana. In a joint 106-page petition to the DEA, they said states that have passed medical marijuana laws need to be able to regulate its distribution without fear of federal prosecution.


Calling All O.A.T.A Supporters: You Can Make A Difference!

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The Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment committee currently has unique volunteer opportunities. We encourage our supporters to volunteer by circulating petitions, but we also have volunteer opportunities with more responsibilities. Aside from being a petition circulator we are also looking for the following volunteers.
Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator(s)

Person must be willing to take on the responsibility of meeting volunteer recruitment quotas

Must be able to keep a database of names, phone numbers, emails, addresses (including county and region of the state)

Report back weekly with the OATA committee

Our goal is 2,000 volunteers by March (we are halfway there)

Regional Field Operations Directors

Event planning and coordinating background helpful

Oversees volunteers within specific regions (NE, NW, SE, SW)

Trains volunteers on proper signature gathering

Works closely with the State Field Operations Director

Must be able to coordinate the entire region’s activities

Professional writers (multiple positions and types available)

Grant writing (works closely with the fundraiser director)

Articles for news print (works closely with the press release director)

Web articles and blog experience (works closely with the webmaster)

If you have a specific skill that you are willing to volunteer, please contact
the OATA Committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please put “volunteer” in the
subject line. Tell them you saw the request for volunteers on Ohio Patient Network. Don’t forget to
include your name, phone number, county, and what you would like to volunteer for.


Addiction Society calls for marijuana legalization and regulations

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San Francisco, CA: The California chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicines (ASAM) has issued a paper calling for the legalization and regulation of the adult use of cannabis.

The preliminary paper, entitled 'Youth First: Reconstructing Drug Policy, Regulating Marijuana, and Increasing Access to Treatment in California,' was initially presented at CSAM's State of the Art Conference in October.

It states: "Adolescents in California have easy access to purchasing and using marijuana. California's current medical marijuana laws have not had significant impact on access, and have made physicians de facto gatekeepers for access to both medical and recreational cannabis. CSAM therefore recommends that the best course at this point is to replace the current system of medical marijuana dispensaries and physician recommendations with a more strictly regulated system in which physicians are no longer gatekeepers for access, and fees and taxes from marijuana sales preferentially support education, prevention, and intervention for youth with marijuana-related problems."

Authors add: "A system of constructive regulation will assure that individuals are never jailed solely for possession or use of marijuana, more youth will be kept in school through community-based education, prevention and early intervention; and, referral to treatment will occur when needed.

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Medical Marijuana News

AMA question marijuana’s federal  classification of as a deadly, addictive drug with no medical use.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — At the November American Medical Association conference the AMA reversed it's position on marijuana as a schedule I drug and urges that “marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid based medicines.”  This is a reversal of the AMA position, which has equated marijuana in the same class as heroin.

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug by Ohio and the federal government.  A achedule I drug is defined as a substance with high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety standards for its use under medical supervision.  Schedule I drug can not be prescibed by doctors, but the federal government for 40 years has been supply in 300 joints a month to a small group of citiizens.

The AMA now appears to be ready to join other medical organization such as American College of Physicians, American Nurses Association, and others in questioning the federal classification as a deadly addictive drug with no accepted medical use.  Ohio classifies marijuana similarly.

The American College of Physicians, a large organization representing internal medicine doctors, made a similar statement as the AMA. The ACP "supports programs and funding for rigorous scientific evaluation of the potential therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana and the publication of such findings”.

"The American Nurses Association (ANA) recognizes that patients should have safe access to therapeutic marijuana/cannabis. Cannabis or marijuana has been used medicinally for centuries. It has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions." {Providing Patients Safe Access to Therapeutic Marijuana/Cannabis," American Nurses Association (ANA) website, Mar. 19, 2004}

Ohio and the federal government is going to find it increasingly difficult to support their claims that cannabis (aka marijuana) as having no medical value.  A majority of Ohio citizens supports medical marijuana as evidenced by the University of Cincinnati's Institute for Policy Research recent poll results.

Ohio Patients are working to change Ohio laws concerning medical marijuana.