Blue Flower

Below is a draft of fundamental or basic elements of a legislative medical bill for Ohio.  Please email or call us with your comments or suggestions.  Note this is not meant to be a detailed document with numbers of plants or other details.  It is a high level document to start the discussion with legislative representatives.

  DRAFT Elements of Ohio Medical Marihuana Legislation

by Rob Ryan, Ohio Patient Network

  • Patient self sufficiency

      Enabled to grow for self

      Commerce restrictions (no personal sales)

      Enable reasonable caregiver assistance

      With personal caregiver/grower authorization

  • Legal protections for

      Patients, caregiver, suppliers and medical professionals

  • Enable Medical Research

      Using Ohio produced marihuana

  • State Commission with regulatory oversight

      Appointments by legal, medical & law enforcement & patient advocates organizations.

      (Patient, Nurse, Medical, Pharmacy, Law Enforcement, Civil Rights, etc, etc)

      Must include a patient stakeholder representative

      Governor appoints a commission member,

      No restrictions on commission memberships

      (i.e. political office holder, past felon, etc)

  • Regulated commercial medical supply (i.e. dispensary)

      Includes quality, safety, testing mechanisms

      Taxed to provide funding for

      Commerce legal oversight

      Commission members and activity

      Testing requirements compliance

      Medical Research

  • Establish political Blue Ribbon panel on future of cannabis laws

      Reports, studies and recommendation to legislation.