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At the “Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Policy, Research and Medical Practice” conference that took place in Prague March 4-7, 2015, representatives from organizations of medical Cannabis patients from 13 countries met and established the International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition (IMCPC) (now with members from 39 countries), and put together a Declaration addressing the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs 2016.  

The Declaration called on the United Nations (UN) to take the following actions:   

• Recommend that increased attention and resources be given at the national and international level to the treatment with medical Cannabis and cannabinoids, and its research in particular.  

• Invite all countries to secure stable, safe, economically available access to medical Cannabis and its derivatives to everyone who is indicated medically for such treatment.   

• Require that the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs 2016 request that Governments either:  exclude the Cannabis out of the 1961 UN Convention with no other actions, or prepare, debate and accept a Special UN Convention on Cannabis, that would be based on the scientific evidence, human rights, and the wellbeing of societies, and as suggested by the World Health Organization, re-schedules Cannabis to account for its medical use, and in amendment prepare special regulations for medical Cannabis that would not mimic those of medical opiates and opium

You can read the full report at . The document was prepared by the Americans for Safe Access and presented at the Unity Conference 2016: A Conference on Harmonization of Global Cannabis.  

The United Nations General Assembly will convene a special session on the world drug problem from 19 to 21 April 2016 at UN Headquarters in New York. Note a session organized by the Government of Urugua titled "CANNABIS AND THE CONVENTIONS: UNGASS AND BEYOND" will convene on April 20 (4/20). More information on the United Nations meeting can be found at