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Today Representative Huffman's (R-Tipp) bill HB523, the Medical Marijuana bill passed 70 to 25. This bill was the the result of the weeks of hearings by a Task Force formed by Speaker Rosenberger. Then followed by Rep. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) Chairing the House Select Committee on Medical Marijuana. Representative Huffman served as vice chair. The other members were Tim Brown (R-Bowling Green); Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills), Ryan Smith (R-Gallipolis); Lou Terhar (R-Cincinnati); Dan Ramos (D-Lorain & Task Force member), ranking minority member; Nicholas Celebrezze (D-Parma); and Christie Bryant Kuhns (D-Cincinnati). Note the Bill passed out of the committee last Thursday unanimously.

A major section of the Medical Marijuana Legislation HB523 inserts Section 3796 into to the Ohio Revised Code in Title [37] XXXVII HEALTH - SAFETY – MORALS. HB523 is officially found at

There were numerous statements of support and not being perfect by the representatives; but neither is the MPP ballot or any other MMJ bill or ballot perfect yet. The following representatives voiced their support they are Huffman,  Schuring, Ramos, Brown, Young and Strahorn (from Dayton) mentioned former Ohio Patient Network President Tonya Davis.  The following Representative had some concerns especially about the employer issue, they were Leland, Boyce, Reece, and Rogers. Representative Fedor opposed the bill because of the employer issues.

Ohio Patient Network expects the bill to be introduced into the Senate Wednesday (5/11/16) and start hearings next week.  In the meantime you listen to the discussion that was very interesting prior to the passage by the various representative who rose to speak about the legislation.  You can listen to the discussion which starts about 3 minutes into the recording below.

Now is the time to speak up to your state Senator and protect it from being gutted by the Senate. If we can make improvements without endangering the bill passage, that is great. Let not make the mistake of only accepting perfection.

Please send Ohio Patient Network your language suggestion to our email (see banner above) in the format below and Ohio Patient Network will do it’s best to initiate improvements.  In my experience it is most effective when trying to raise a concern or issue is to also include a preferred fix in similar Ohio Revised Code format.

For example

From  ( existing or legislature proposed Ohio Revised Code language)

To      (suggested replacement Ohio Revised Code language)

Also when reading legislation published by the legislature it has the following format


  1. Underlined is new language
  2. Strikeout is existing language that is being removed
  3. Existing language is neither underlined not stricken out