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As a U.S. Army veteran in the 82nd Airborne I was proud to report on Thursday, May 19th 2016, United States Congressional Representatives United States Congressional Representatives finally voted to permit Veterans Administration Doctors to recommend Cannabis (AKA marijuana) to our Veterans for medical use.  But the Senate''s and House of Representatives decision got mysteriously lost when the conference committee meet to work out differences in their respective bills.

Ohio Patient Network learned that a representative from Maryland was to blame for reversing the will of the Senate and the House.  At this time it looks like it was a Congressman who is also a doctor that is responsible for sabotaging our Veterans options to have a VA doctors recommendation. OPN will identify the culprit once we have solid proof. 

Below is our original articlear from when it passed the House after passing the Senate.

 After years of saying no, the Senate and House finally recognized that marijuana has therapeutic benefits especially for our Veterans with PTSD.  Note there are other conditions that can benefit from the use of cannabis.  Below is a picture and map of Ohio Congressional Representatives and how they voted.  Please identify your representative and congratulate or shame them for their vote, this link provides a tool to ID all your elected officials using your full zip code with 4 last digits. 

The actual text of Congressman's Blumenauer amendment H R 4974 and voted on 19-May-2016  is as follows:

None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to implement, administer, or enforce Veterans Health Administration directive 2011-004 (or directive of the same substance) with respect to the prohibition on VA providers from completing forms seeking recommendations or opinions regarding a Veteran's participation in a State marijuana program.

You can read news articles on Veterans access to marijuana in the Military Times, Washington Post, US NewsBloomberg NewsHuffington Post and others via a search keywords congress house veterans medical marijuana. Also NORML has a good tool to find all your elected representatives, so use it and send a message to your congressional representative.