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Below is a list of the activities Ohio Patients Network has been engaged in.

• Supporting and answering Patient questions via phone and emails
• Informing Doctors & their staff via in House presentations
• Answering Doctor’s phone call questions
• Conducting Patient Access classes at Cleveland’s School of Cannabis twice a month
• Regional City Council member’s educational sessions
• Testifying at City Council meetings
• Participating in a debate with Portsmouth city and Scioto County government representatives
• Attendance at conference relevant to our mission
• Making Presentations at Political Group meetings
• Successful passage of an American Legion Resolution at the State and National level regarding Medical Marijuana
• A Journal Paper published on the role of Cannabis and Opioids by one of Board members
• Presentation to the Ohio Bar Association meeting
• Attendance at Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Board Meetings
• Ohio State Senator informational discussions
• Improving our Informational Trifolds handouts
• Updating OPN’s website with relevant materials

The plan for 2018 is to maintain and expand the activities listed above. In addition to the above, a priority is to add “Addiction” as qualifying condition to Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. We have received very supportive feedback on this particular issue. For instance the President of the Ohio Medical Board is quoted by media “Pot Could Wean People off Opioids”. OPN is also looking at conducting Public Patient Informational Meeting across Ohio in the next couple of months especially as the program nears becoming operational in September.

OPN is now also receiving some regular limited funds from Kroger Community Rewards Program and Amazon’s Non Profit Smile Program. These programs are based on their customers selecting OPN as a recipient of Kroger and Amazon donations. Please consider sharing the donation for Kroger and Amazon I included under my signature.

We strive to use our limited funds as frugally and wisely as possible. It is with your support that we can do our work and help improve Medical Marijuana for Ohio Patients. Please feel free to share this with your circle of friends.


Robert Ryan
Executive Director
Ohio Patient Network
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Ohio Patient Network attended the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in the Washington DC area this coming week. The conference is a biennial event that brings together people from around the world. Marijuana Reform will be a significant part of the discussion especially Ohio.  There are a number of the conference sessions such as Medical Cannabis in 2015: From the Lab to the Clinic, Marijuana and the Politics of 2016. These sessions are designed to engage experts, activist, reformers, and those impacted by the war on drugs on the most cutting edge issues and biggest challenges involved in marijuana law reform.

Please support our attendance via a Tax Deductible donation. Thank you

Our Mission

Ohio Patients Network's mission is legalize cannabis (AKA Marijuana) for medical use.   OPN is the oldest coalition of patients, caregivers, activists and medical professionals in Ohio who support the compassionate use of cannabis for various medicinal purposes. We provide information between patients, medical professionals, attorneys, and educate the public with the latest developments in the therapeutic use of cannabis.

A Vision of the Future

OPN vision of the future is one where marijuana is re-integrated into medical applications for a variety of conditions. 

OPN's Position on the future of Marijuana

OPN’s position on marijuana is that with the full legalization of marijuana, all the therapeutic benefits will be uncovered, studied, documented, and be available to Ohio patients in need. We support the following

  • Patients enabled to grow limited amounts for self-use
  • A regulated commercial medical supply, including quality standards, labels and safety testing
  • State Commission with regulatory over-sight
  • Remove marijuana from schedule one, a forbidden drug, at the Federal level.

OPN History

A statewide organization of patients had been a long-term dream of many medicinal cannabis activists in Ohio. The Ohio Patient Network began to officially solidify after the Ohio Medical Marijuana Educational Conference was held at Ohio State University in January 2001. This conference was supported by the Drug Policy Foundation.

Shortly after that conference, a group of patients, caregivers, and activists from all over Ohio got together on the Internet to discuss strategies to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio. From this meeting, the Ohio Patient Network (OPN) was officially born.  We incorporated and applied for non profit status.  We were awarded 501-C3 non profit status by the IRS, with donations being tax deductible.

We have been involved in almost every legislative and ballot effort to date, to bring an end to the prohibition of medical marijuana here in Ohio.


OPN Staff

Ohio Patient Network is composed of Doctors and Lawyers and an Executive Director.