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  • Prices are very expensive, far beyond standard medications.
    • Reduce or eliminate business rules and regulations that elevate prices for patients.
  • Limits on medical professionals to treat with marijuana.
    • Permit all physicians to make recommendations.
    • Protect nurse's medical licenses, especially home care nurses.
    • Eliminate hospital policies that preclude Medical Marijuana Patients' use.
  • Bedridden homebound patients cannot physically get to a doctor for a recommendation.
    • OPN recommends a change in the law regarding Doctor's in-person only visit.
    • Eliminate policies and/or protect hospitals.
  • Single parents with young children are excluded from bringing a child with them to a dispensary and creates a burden on a parent to obtain childcare or leave them unattended.
    • Permit dependent children to accompany their parent to a dispensary.
    • Allow for call ahead ordering with a drive-thru at dispensaries.
    • Permit a home delivery option.
  • Limited access to a number of dispensaries
    • Expand the number of dispensaries.
  • Restrictions on forms of use
    • Permit use by smoking, nasal sprays inhalers, and suppositories.
  • Driving restrictions effectively make all patients lawbreakers.
    • Conduct a real evaluation of MMJ patients driving abilities.
    • Use anonymized patient driver records in comparison to non-patients.
  • Limited product information such as other cannabinoids and terpenes, strain names are almost meaningless.
    • Expand testing information to include more accurate information on cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Persistent denial of other conditions by petitions to Medical Board
    • Reconsider prior petitions for example Opioid Use Disorder, Autism
  • Limited patient input to Bureaucratic Boards and Agencies
    • Conduct periodic virtual town halls.
    • Act on patient surveys
  • Limited Physicians awareness of Rules
    • For example, it took months and months for Medical Board to make Physicians aware of Schedule II status impact opioid and other prescription medications.
  • Board of Pharmacy's use of digital technology only creates a “Digital Divide”.
    • Permit use of the Postal system to register patients and obtain their card.

Next Tuesday, March 2nd, I will be meeting the legislators and Ohio Bureaucrats about the future of Medical Marijuana here in Ohio. Please email concerns and suggestions for improving the program, which in my opinion, it needs a lot of improvement. 😊

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Robert Ryan

Executive Director

Ohio Patient Network


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This September 2020, it will be years since the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) was kicked off into law. OSU Drug Enforcement and Policy Center has a project is to survey medical marijuana patients and potential patients to evaluate their experiences and satisfaction with OMMCP to date.

They want to hear from you. If you are currently using marijuana for medical reasons, whether with or without an official recommendation from a doctor, we want to hear from you. Your responses will help OSU fill in a critical gap in the center's understanding of the medical marijuana program in Ohio. Please complete this survey by clicking on the button below and share this email with your networks. The deadline was Friday, July 10th.  Ohio Patient Network is in full support of the survey.

The Survey was generated by the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center

55 West 12th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210
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If you are willing to provide proponent testimony on behalf of this legislation to add Autism Spectrum Disorder as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis in Ohio. Would you be willing to come to the Statehouse in Columbus to provide testimony?

Please let Hunter Patterson, Legislative Aide to Representative Juanita Brent, know if you are interested. HB60 is having a proponent testimony hearing on Tuesday, March 19th at 11AM. Also please contact Tiffany at The Autism Alliance of Ohio for more details.

Legislative Contact Info for Hunter Patterson
Office phone: 614-466-1408
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Advocacy Contact info Tiffany Anne
The Autism Alliance of Ohio
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Ohio Patient Network (OPN) earliest organizational friendship is with Americans for Safe Access (ASA), and so we are asking Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Holders to participate in the ASA's annual survey to help generate the State of the States report. This report analyzes medical cannabis programs throughout the United States on how they are best serving patients. In this report, ASA evaluates dozens of criteria across five areas of patient access and give each program an A-F score. The information gathered will help ASA identify gaps between laws and regulations, as written, and the experience of patients in the state. The short survey is closed and a report and result is being prepared by Americans for Safe Access