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MMJ Relegalization Presentation

Recently OPN had several presentations on MMJ and HB523 in Cleveland and New Philadelphia. Two of the presentation was to the Bar Association in New Philadelphia at Kent State University. The topics were Opioids and MMJ, patient’s rights under HB523 and MMJ and driving (one of the toughest topics).

A new series of presentations has been prepared and is targeted for medical professionals and physicians. Also we have been invited to give a presentation at a Hospital Grand Rounds in Cleveland and before a Doctors group in the Cincinnati area. If your interested in arranging an OPN presentation to your organization or group please contact us.

2018 should be a very interesting year. Dr. Welty an OPN board member just had a paper published on MMJ and Opioids and attended a conference on the same subject. OPN is fully committed to adding addiction to the list as a qualifying condition here in Ohio. We will also be working on migraines as well.

We really appreciate your interest in OPN efforts. At this time I have to remind OPN is a 501-C3 and that your donations are tax deductible. So with the end of the years coming up I hope and encourage you to make a donation to OPN via a check made out to Ohio Patient Network and sent to PO BOX 42042. Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242 or via PayPal I can assure you your support will be used frugally and effectively.

Robert Ryan
Executive Director
Ohio Patient Network