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This article has a link at the bootom of the article to the current list of Physicians (MDs & DOs) that can make State Certified Medical Marijuana Recommendations for use in Ohio Dispensaries.  The link to the list is at the very bottom of this article and the list is sorted by zip code so it can help you find a MMJ Doc nearby. The list has their main street address, their speciality, if the are Board Certified in a specialty and how long they have been licensed in Ohio.  Note some physicians have multiple addresses. But, first here is a bit of information.

Opiate Addiction as a Qualifying Condition

Recently on December 20th Ohio Patient Network submitted a formal petition to the Ohio Medical Board. The Petition is to add Opioid Use Disorder / Opiate Addiction to Ohio’s Medical Marijuana qualifying condition list. The Medical Board petition requirements were pretty rigorous, and OPN has been gathering the supporting data for the last year.

OPN submitted a very detailed petition with extensive amount of information covering about 60+ pages of information, peer reviewed journal reports, patient surveys, physicians letters of support etc etc. We feel confident that the review board will accept our petition recommendation and add opiate addiction as a qualifying condition here in Ohio. We also had documented support of the Ohio Medical Board’s previous President.

OPN has also offered our information to other states that passed Medical Marijuana laws with restricted list of conditions we gathered during our effort. OPN will also assists as needed in their efforts to add Opioid Use Disorder / Opiate Addiction as a qualifying condition to their state. This effort is due to the numerous patients we have heard from over the years, that they more cannabis they have the less narcotics they need and the more functional they are in their families and in their lives.

The Future

We have developed a list of Medical Marijuana Patients Year End Items of Concern that need to be addressed mainly by the legislature next year about the following issues facing patients
• Enhancing Card holding patients protections
• Reciprocity with Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
• Having Nurses Licenses protected when doing acting as Caregiver
• Automobile Driving

But the biggest concern in Ohio is about MMJ patients and driving. Ohio OVI laws absolutely need to be changed. No MMJ patient would drive legally according to Ohio Under the Influence per se laws.

This Past Year

For the record we have published numerous informational pamphlets and printed thousands of copies, answered hundreds of phone calls and emails from patients and physicians, pushed the Medical Board to inform all Ohio Physicians that Medical Marijuana is Schedule II in Ohio (which is very important for Pain Clinic patient contracts), attended every Medical Marijuana Advisory Board meeting, and have made numerous presentations at various civic/political organizations, city councils and colleges.

A bit of Ohio Patient Network history

A statewide organization of patients had been a long-term dream of many medicinal cannabis activists in Ohio. The Ohio Patient Network began to officially solidify after the Ohio Medical Marijuana Educational Conference was held at Ohio State University in January 2001.

Shortly after that conference, a group of patients, caregivers, and activists from all over Ohio got together on the Internet to discuss strategies to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio. From that meeting, the Ohio Patient Network (OPN) was officially born. We incorporated and applied were acknowledged our non profit status by Ohio and the Federal Governments and have been busy ever since then.

Now with all modesty and truthfulness, OPN must brag a little bit. We have been involved in almost every medical marijuana legislative and ballot effort to date here in Ohio. When the legislature finally decided to pass Medical Marijuana in 2016; OPN's Executive Director testified more than anyone else in the state, was asked more questions by the legislators than anyone else, participated in more meetings with the Medical and Pharmacy Board than anyone else and attempted to improve as many of the rules as possible after the law was passed in June 2016. In September 2016 we developed and published the Affirmative Defense Recommendation form used to obtain some legal protection and medical marijuana from other states (per the law in HB523). But, now is the time for patients in Ohio to obtain a State Certified Recommendations for Medical Marijuana.

A request and the list of Doctors who can make Certified Recommendations for Medical Marijuana

I know you probably get numerous request for donations, but as you can see for yourself from the above; OPN has been very active, effective and has much more to do. We are also very frugal with our spending, so we hope you can support us as we go into the next year. You can even support us when shopping at Kroger or Amazon Please see the various ways you can help with a donation as listed below the signature. Below are links to PayPal which will direct you to the list of Doctors even if you do not choose to make a donation to OPN by selecting the "Cancel and return to Ohio Patient Network" link.

ZIP Code direct link


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