Blue Flower

Robert R. Ryan is the Executive director of the Ohio Patient Network. OPN is a 501C3 Non-Profit educational organization devoted to the medical marijuana issue. He has testified more than anyone and was asked more question by the Ohio Legislature regarding HB523 the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program.


Before coming back to Ohio, he was an elected member of the Maryland Republican party who authored several party resolutions that eventually passed and aided the passage of a Medical Marijuana bill in Maryland while working for NASA.  


While serving as an Ohio city councilman for Blue Ash, Mr. Ryan was chosen by the Ohio Municipal League to instruct the Mayors of Ohio regarding Medical Marijuana and driving. He has debated addiction leaders and Ohio politicians (i.e. then Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine); and has been a speaker at various regional forums and is a guest lecturer at several Ohio colleges.  


Mr. Ryan is also a veteran (U. S. Army 82nd Airborne Infantry) who authored the American Legion’s resolution at the National American Legion conference which passed and paved the way for a policy change at the VA regarding veterans and medical marijuana in VA medical care.


Mr. Ryan is a three-time cancer survivor, who had his oncologist support in using marijuana.  For more see his testimony to the Ohio Legislature.

Mr. Ryan can be contacted at 513-442-4495 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..