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On June 12th, the Ohio Medical Board will be deciding to approve or not opiate addiction to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (HB523).  The expert panel reviewing the addiction petitions were sent to Dr. Woyshville, who was supportive; and Dr. Parran, who was not, to add opiate addiction to the qualifying condition list.   Below was part of an email request to the Board to support adding opiate addiction to the Medical Marijuana Control program.


Below are some key reasons why Ohio Patients authored the petition and supports adding this condition.

  1. There are numerous findings that show the decrease in overdoses in states with marijuana laws.
  2. There are numerous studies that show the decrease in opiates pills being prescribed in states with marijuana laws.
  3. Marijuana is effective for those addicted to manage the withdrawal negative effects, which is a huge deterrent to seeking out and staying in addiction treatment.
  4. Studies have shown an increase in the duration of being enrolled in treatment for those using marijuana. This is a key factor in being successful in overcoming addiction.
  5. Recently New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, after their own medical reviews, have added included opiate addiction to their programs.
  6. Just recently a well document study that refuted Dr. Parran’s reason to reject the petition. The report title is “Cannabidiol for the Reduction of Cue-Induced Craving and Anxiety in Drug-Abstinent Individuals With Heroin Use Disorder: A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial by Yasmin L. Hurd, et al.
  7. Drugs such as Suboxone have their own addiction potential.

Simply stated addiction is a very difficult disease to treat with very limited positive results and typically has multifaceted reasons for the condition to exist. The medical use of Marijuana is just another tool in a doctor’s toolbox that is inherently safe for the patient. We do not subscribe to the thought, of just taking marijuana to cure a person of this condition, we highly recommend that its use is as a part of the overall treatment plan.


Here is a Link to the experts' reports to Ohio Medical Board with page numbers for the two doctors' opposite opinions.


a.  See Expert Opinion by Mark J. Woyshville MD, starting at Page 28 of 206

b.  See Expert Opinion by Ted Parran, MD, starting at page 73 of 206


Also included is a link to our original petition below. Please feel to contact us for further discussion on this matter if warranted. Note section 4 contains a large collection of references to why opiate addiction should be added in our opinion.