Blue Flower

Ohio Patient Network made our opinions known regarding the appointments to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee publicly and directly to Ohio Government officials regarding the make up of the appointments. We see a board that is woefully under represents patients and over represents opponents like Marcie Seidel and Tony Coder of Drug Free Action Alliance.

We, in the patient community, deserve to be heard by the Advisory Committee. We will work together as closely as possible with other organization logo’s shown below. The reality is, we need your help. If you feel your voice is not being heard, please use the Google Survey Link and add your name to the list of patients and caregivers to communicate with the statehouse that you don’t feel represented. We’d also like to encourage you to tell your story on social media, post on Ohio Patients Facebook page or send us a letter or video for us to publish, write a letter to the editor and to your representative. But most of all be heard! Take the survey and come to Columbus next Wednesday the 19th at 10:00am to be heard in person at 30 East Broad Street where the Medical Board of Ohio meets.


Please use this Google Survey Link, thank you.