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The three Ohio state agencies that will manage the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program have been developing their draft rules since late last year.  The Medical Board controls certifying Physicans and adding Qualifying conditions, the Commerce Board controls the cultivators and processors, and the Pharmacy Board control the Dispensaries and the Caregivers. The official site is located at  We have developed an auxilary website that has  links to almost all the materials needed and is kept current with the developement of the rules on See the image below for a snapshot of an earlier version.

We strongly ecourage you to comment vigorously on the proposed rules.  Please comment so that it has as much impact as possible by including the following.

  • Be specific what you want changed
  • Cut and paste the actual rule language from the proposed draft
  • Explain your views as clearly as possible
  • Describe any assumptions used
  • Provide any technical information and/or data used to support your views
  • Explain how you arrived at your estimate for potential burdens, benefits or costs
  • Provide specific examples to illustrate your views
  • Challenge the rule if it exceeds their statutory authority - (the Law as passed)
  • Offer alternatives

For a complete list of Presentations, Draft Rules, Facts sheets see or for links to documents on how the rule making process works.  Please share these materials, the more comments submitted will hopefully make Medical Marijuana as best as possible for Ohio patients.

Below is an prior image of this resources used to help us improve Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program.  Make a donation to OPN and we will update you when there is an update and/or new meeting scheduled using