Blue Flower

We are coming into a different phase and plan on making positive changes. Below is a list of issues in addition to submitting a better larger petition with a lot more Physicians support for opiate addiction. We are planning on a Migraine petition also. We will be working on the legislature and the various boards for their support.

Card Holding Patients

Given that approximately 53,082 Medical Marijuana “Cards” has been issued.

  • The status of Reciprocity with other states, in particular with Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia needs to be authorized.
  • Law enforcement needs training for interacting with card holding patients with marijuana or marijuana from an out of state source?


Caregivers & Patients

Given that patients are required to have a face to face in-person visit with a physician to obtain a recommendation.

  • Bedridden patients have a very difficult time to obtain a Medical Marijuana Recommendation. OPN recommends a change in the law to the State Legislature regarding Doctor's in-person only visit. There are homebound patients that cannot physically get to a remote doctor for a recommendation.
  • OPN recommends a temporary emergency rule change to the Ohio Medical Board covering this situation.


Patients & Driving

Given the status of OVI laws and the legislation passed by HB523 and that no patients would pass the legal limit for driving an automobile.

  • OPN suggests changes to the State Legislature to the OVI laws regarding marijuana.
  • Note OPN personnel have provided legislative testimony and information regarding marijuana driving issues before HB523, as well as instructing the Mayors of Ohio regarding the truth about Marijuana and driving in an official Ohio Municipal League training course.


Medical Licenses

Given a recent warning notice regarding those holding state issue licenses for medical care and the handling of medical marijuana products and that hospice nurse are explicitly permitted to be caregivers note the following.

  • Hospice nurses' licenses are not protected while caring for patients. OPN recommends a change to the State Legislature to protect nursing licenses when acting as a caregiver.
  • OPN recommends the state legislature that all licensed physicians and nurse practitioners with an Ohio license to prescribe may issue Medical Marijuana recommendations.