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Ohio Medical Marihuana Legislation Suggestions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                                                       3/31/2016

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Ohio Patient Network (OPN) makes the following additional legislation for the task force & Ohio legislators to consider.  Previously OPN issued recommendation on 3-17-2016.  The following are more detailed suggestions, OPN still suggest HB214 from Ohio’s 129th legislative session as a starting point.


  • Patient self sufficiency

     Patients enabled to grow limited amounts for self-use

     Restrictions from being engaged in commerce with home grown marihuana

     Enable caregiver assistance with reasonable state control & authorization

     Patients to have a bone fide relationship with a recommending medical professional

     Enable legal protections for patients, caregiver, suppliers and medical professionals


  • Regulated commercial medical supply

     Include quality, safety, testing & compliance mechanisms

     Tax based upon THC percentage to provide funding for

     Commission members and activity

     Legal oversight of commercial supply chain

     Supporting Medical Research


  • State Commission with regulatory oversight

     Suggest appointments made by legal, medical & law enforcement & patient advocates’ organizations.

     (Patient, Nurse, Medical, Pharmacy, Law Enforcement, Civil Rights, etc, etc)

     Have Legislators & Governor appointed commission members

     Have no restrictions on commission memberships

     (i.e. political office holder, past felon, etc)



  • Remove marihuana from schedule one in Ohio’ controlled substance/drug schedule
  • Enable Ohio medical research organizations to use Ohio grown marijuana
  • Encourage/Utilize banking similar in manner as the State of Vermont has done.
  • Delay infused edibles products for the next General Assembly to detail regulation & laws
  • Establish a political Blue Ribbon panel to look at the future of marihuana/cannabis laws on a variety of potential topics such as hemp, industrial, farming, medical, and driving.


Ohio Patient Network contact is Rob Ryan, a three time cancer survivor.

 Office 513-442-4495                                                                     email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.