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Contact the Ballot Petition Committee for the "Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment" and volunteer your time, talents, resources to make medical marihuana a reality here in Ohio.



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Medical Marijuana News

In early June the Iowa State Pharmacy Board stated that marijuana has no medical benefits.  Susan Frey, who chairs the state pharmacy board said "there is no truth to marijuana having any medicinal benefits.".  The Iowa Pharmacy Board was reacting to a petition initiated by the Carl Olsen of the Iowans for Medical Marijuana organization.  A Polk County judge ordered the board in April to reconsider the petition to remove marijuana as a Schedule I drug under the Iowa Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Now the Iowa Pharmacy board has relented by announcing a series of public hearings on whether or not marijuana is a schedule 1 drug.  Schedule 1 drugs are drugs that has a high potential for abuse, has no accepted medical use  and that it lacks accepted safety for use in treatment under medical supervision. or another way of saying it in plain speak marijuana is deadly, addictive and has no accepted medical use. The first hearing is scheduled for August 19th.

Iowa is home to George McMahon and Barbara Douglass, both are federal medical marijuana patients who receive a tin of 300 marijuana joints every month.  The federally provided cannabis is handled via the pharmacy network, so it will be very interesting to see what the Iowa Board of Pharmacy says after the hearings. 

For more information see a local TV news story, use the Google link or see Iowa’s Quad City Times new article.