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Home Legislation Pending Medical Marijuana Gaining Strength In Ohio

Medical Marijuana Gaining Strength In Ohio

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For Immediate Release:

Medical Marijuana Gaining Strength In Ohio

The Ohio Patient Network (OPN), a 501- C3, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2011 with renewed enthusiasm and resolve to see medical marijuana become legitimate medicine in the State of Ohio. With a new Governor, we can realistically foresee the issue coming up for serious debate in the 2011-2012 session of the Ohio Legislature.

After some internal changes and tough decisions over the last year, the Ohio Patient Network has reorganized into a powerful, strategic and effective vehicle for change.

“We are excited and dedicated to moving forward this year, and for however long it takes to achieve our goals and serve the interests of medical marijuana patients across the state.”  Says Tonya Davis, President of OPN.

The Ohio Medical Compassion Act continues to gain legislative support and will be introduced as promised in the House by State Representatives  Kenny Yuko (D) Cleveland and  Bob Hagan (D) Youngstown.  With a growing coalition of patients, activists and reform organizations from across the state, the passage of this bill is now closer than ever.

The Year Ahead:

In 2011, the Ohio Patient Network is working to introduce medical marijuana legislation into the Ohio Legislature and gain at least two committee hearings, with the aid of  Ohio Drug Policy Alliance and former Legislator Ed Orlet.  The Ohio Patient Network will bring public attention to the issue of medical marijuana via TV, radio and print media.   OPN will continue building a coalition of partnerships with influential individuals and organizations within the state of Ohio. The organization will also move forward to work with other Midwestern activists dedicated to supporting marijuana legislation and will continue to garner support for city medical marijuana resolutions and  voter initiative’s. Join with us if you want to change  marijuana drug policy and bring common sense to Ohio.

For more information on the Ohio Patient Network please contact us:
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Last Updated on Friday, 11 February 2011 03:16  

Medical Marijuana News

One of the questions often asked is about marijuana and smoking.  Contrary to public perception there is no relationship between smoking marijuana and lung cancer.  This has been established by one of the largest lung cancer studies ever conducted by Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles, a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years.  You can find the supporting news articles on the Washington Post and WEBMD websites.

One more item of interest is that cannabis (AKA marijuana) can actually help those with asthma.  In technical terms marijuana acts as a bronco-dialator.  I have personal knowledge of this from my own family member who has used smoked marijuana for asthma relief.

Now Georgine DiMaria, 24, former Miss New Jersey,  has stepped in to fight for the legalization of medical marijuana. DiMaria said as a child her asthma was so severe that it left her bedridden, forcing her to be homeschooled.  She has said that using marijuana was medically beneficial to her.  DiMaria has also been an advocate and promoted lung health for six years and was recognized by the American Lung Association for her outstanding efforts.

The Ohio Patient Network suggests that those suffering from asthma who are considering marijuana as an adjunct to the treatment should consider vaporization and inform their doctor.